What NOT to Do When Travelling with Your Boss in 2018

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Are you hitting the road with your boss in 2018? A work trip is a great way to bond with the higher-ups, but when handled incorrectly it also has the potential to create some unwanted friction. Here are a few things not to do when you travel with your boss in 2018:

Waste Their Time

Sure, you’re not within the confines of the office, but that does not make their time any less valuable. Arrive on time, organised and ready for action. This will show your commitment and you will also feel less flustered. TOP TIP: Pack the evening before you are due to depart, set your alarm, go to bed early and have your travel outfit picked out.

Dress Like You’re on Holiday

On a business trip, your appearance is an extension of that of your boss, and even your company at large. You might as well have the logo on your forehead. Be sure to dress the part. If you are unsure of exactly how formal your travel and meeting attire should be once you reach your destination, approach your boss beforehand. Ask her/him what they plan to pack and wear to each meeting - they will appreciate your candor and are likely to offer very helpful advice.

Hit the Bar (or Buffet) Hard

Whether or not you are dining with or entertaining clients or not, keep an eye on the expenses you incur. The company is likely to foot the bill for your meals and drinks; rather than overspending, show your boss that you have respect for the business’ bottomline by not overindulging. Speaking of which - be careful of how much alcohol you consume. At any given meal, first see whether your boss orders something alcoholic before doing so yourself. When in doubt, stick to water or seltzer - business trips require a clear head.

Avoid Having Fun

By the sound of our previous guidelines you may expect us to recommend that you don’t have any fun at all, which is not the case. Business trips can be a great way to learn more about your boss as a person (just keep the personal questions within bounds- i.e. no religion or politics), and explore a new destination. Check with your boss beforehand to find out if you will have some free time to see the sights and plan accordingly.

If you avoid these common travelling-with-the-boss pitfalls you should be golden. Keep your eye on the blog in coming months, as we share more advice on making the most of your work trips. Contact TravelManor for all your business travel needs and take advantage of the unique skill set of a group of highly skilled coordinators who’s greatest wish is for your expertly-planned corporate trip to yield some serious ROI.

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