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Corporate Travel Management

4 Key Reasons why we are one of SA’s award winning

Corporate Travel Agencies

Save On Travel Costs

Negotiate. Measure. Manage

We negotiate special rates with airlines, hotels, car rental & transfer companies and provide accurate reports to measure, manage and reduce travel costs.


No Call Centres

Personal 1-on-1 Service

Each of our valued clients enjoy personalised service from a dedicated senior travel consultant, so you won’t ever have to speak to a call centre agent.


We Are Here 24/7

Around the Clock. 365

Last minute itinerary changes? Dealing with a crisis abroad? We know emergencies don’t keep office hours, so we are available 24 hours a day, year round.


A Total Travel Solution

We handle it All

We will arrange more than just flights and hotels. Vehicle hire, charters, VIP services, visas, insurance and much more. Big or small, let us take care of it.


Why Choose Us as Your Corporate Travel Agents
  1. We’ve Been in The Business for Twenty Years
    Established in 1997, our business celebrates 26 years of success in the corporate travel management industry.
  2. We Secure the Best Deals
    Our affiliation with Sure Travel Group allows us immense negotiation and buying power, which we leverage to the benefit of our clients.
  3. We Offer the Convenience of Credit
    Tired of processing numerous travel payments monthly? Our clients enjoy a convenient credit facility and, as such, only have to make one hassle-free payment at the end of each month.
  4. We Don’t Do Contracts
    Our service excellence ensures client retention, which means we don't need to lock our clients in with unnecessary contracts.
  5. We provide Financial Control & Accountability
    We work with CFOs to plan ahead for cost savings, furnish graphs and reports on unused tickets, and provide MIS cost breakdowns per traveller, per supplier.
  6. We are Fully BEE-compliant
    We are certified BEE Level II, therefore partnering with us will score you points in more ways than one!
  7. We Are a Proudly Female Company
    TravelManor is an all-female company, privately owned by entrepreneur Julie Fevrier, underpinned by the Sure Travel Group (wholly-owned Sure Holding Pty Ltd, one of the largest travel consortiums in the Southern Hemisphere.).
  8. We Provide Added Value Services
    This includes free calendar invites, VIP services on demand (airport lounge, meet & greet, online check-ins, etc.), and a variety of other home-away-from-home travel solutions.
  9. We Tailor Efficient Itineraries
    Our travel specialists tailor financially efficient itineraries that yield strong ROI, in the language of your choice. We enable executives to attend a maximum number of productive client meetings per trip.
  10. We are Corporate Travel Specialists
    We offer individual and group corporate travel & incentive journeys worldwide, including inbound travel in Southern Africa and from SA to remote parts of Africa; as well as delegation organisation, conferences & foreign staff incentives.
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Our Corporate Travel Agency Helps All Kinds Of Business Travellers

In-House Business Travel Managers

Whether you are working as the in-house business travel manager at an SME that has its fair share of business travellers, or need to streamline the journeys of countless individuals that travel on behalf of a large corporate company - we are here to partner with you seamlessly from start to finish.

Efficient Corporate Travel

If you like your corporate journeys to go off without a hitch so you can still be productive while you travel for work, our team is here to help ensure this is the case. Our travel managers have all the experience necessary to pave the way for effortless travel so you can focus on your business objectives while we take care of the rest.

Individual & Group Travel Management

Whether you are flying solo, or travelling with colleagues as a group - we are here to keep everything streamlined. Both individual- and group business travel management require plenty of due diligence throughout the process. Let our seasoned team of travel managers assist by taking care of these intricate travel arrangements.

Boutique Business Travel

There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter client solution at TravelManor. By combining years of expertise with cutting-edge technology, we are able to provide a range of comprehensive travel services which are tailored to each individual business traveller and their needs, every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a corporate travel agent and a leisure tourism travel agent?

Corporate travel agents have the necessary experience and know-how to assist business travellers who require expertly streamlined itineraries when they travel on behalf of their companies. Whereas leisure travel agents are normally more focused on the things to see and do in a given destination, our team works with each company and corporate traveller to ensure that their time on the road and in the air is spent as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Why does a business need a corporate travel policy?

Businesses require a corporate travel policy to ensure equal and fair treatment of all their business travellers, and to provide travelling employees with a clear mandate on how time and resources should be spent during a corporate journey. These policies also provide a blueprint for the recourse an employee has in the event of unexpected happenstances that may occur while they travel for work.

Why does it help to have a travel agent in post-Covid 19 pandemic travel?

Every country, state, and territory around the world has slight variances in their response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the legal ramifications this holds for foreign nationals, including business travellers, can change from one day to the next. Corporate travel planners keep track of these shifting landscapes to ensure that travelling employees are in compliance every step of the way.

Will my corporate travel agent handle all travel insurance?

Our TravelManor experts are authorised to sell travel insurance on your behalf. Our team will however require input and signatures at certain junctures in the process.

What is bleisure travel?

The term 'bleisure' is a cross-cultivation between 'business and leisure'. It refers to a journey that has both business travel and leisure components. For instance, an employee who travels for work may choose to take leave days before or after the dates that they are due to be at a certain destination on behalf of their company, and use this time to explore a new and exciting destination.

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