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Corporate Travel Management

A few reasons why we are one of SA’s foremost

Corporate Travel Management Companies

Our relationship with airlines, hotels, car rental agencies and transfer companies allow us to negotiate better deals on your behalf. We know how to make your budget work.


You will never have to speak to a call centre agent when you partner
with TravelManor. Each client is assigned a senior travel consultant to manage their travel consultant.


Our phones are never off the hook. Did your itinerary change at the last minute? Or perhaps you lost your boarding pass in Istanbul. We’re here 24/7, 365 days per year.


We take pride in providing busy travellers with a one-stop shop for all their travel needs. Visas, insurance, VIP services, hotels, flights – we do it all (and then some).


Why Choose Us As Your Corporate Travel Management Company
  1. TravelManor Has Been In Existence For Two Decades
    Our doors have been open, as a business travel booking company, for over 20 years. That's two whole decades of honing our craft to perfection.
  2. Our Deals Are Consistently Better Than Our Competitors'
    Being associated with Sure Travel equips us with exceptional buying power, which equals huge savings for you.
  3. We Can Streamline Your Payments
    We offer our clients the convenience of credits so there is no need to make numerous payments throughout the month.
  4. We Won't Lock You Down With A Contract
    We won't ask you to sign on needless dotted lines - TravelManor facilitates client retention by means of service excellence.
  5. We Supply Plenty of Stats
    We realise that your business needs financial control and accountability, when making business travel bookings, which is why we provide you with the stats to keep it in check.
  6. We Comply With BEE Standards
    TravelManor has been sertified BEE Level II compliant, which means we are in line with affirmative action requirements.
  7. Our All-Female Team Is Incredibly Efficient
    Owned by entrepreneur Julie Fevrier and underwritten by the Sure Travel Group, TravelManor is a proudly all-female company.
  8. We Go The Extra Mile
    VIP services on demand? Free calendar invites? We do it all. It's our pleasure to provide you with value-added services.
  9. We Realise That Time = Money
    We don't just issue your tickets and book your flights - our goal is to streamline your itinerary and keep you productive from A to Z.
  10. Corporate Travel Management is What We Live For
    Our services include worldwide incentive journeys, as well as group- and individual corporate travel to and from South Africa, the rest of the African continent and further afield.
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The DIY route VS partnering with TravelManor - an illuminating comparison.
How TravelManor allows you to focus on work rather than the intricacies of local and international travel.
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Why Hands-On Support In Corporate Travel Is Best

In the realm of corporate travel management, navigating the complexities of schedules, preferences, and unforeseen challenges demands more than just automated solutions. At TravelManor, we redefine company travel management by offering a personalised, hands-on approach that puts your needs first.

Imagine having a travel management company that pairs you with a dedicated travel expert who understands your company’s culture, anticipates your preferences, and is committed to ensuring every trip exceeds expectations. Whether it's securing last-minute accommodations during a conference or rearranging flights due to unexpected meetings, our team is your reliable partner every step of the way. The top 10 corporate travel management companies do it this way, and at TravelManor we understand the value of this person-to-person approach all too well.

Consider this scenario: You're in the midst of a crucial business trip when a sudden flight cancellation threatens to derail your plans. With TravelManor as your business travel management team, you have a direct line to a knowledgeable advisor who swiftly rebook your itinerary, arranges alternative transportation, and communicates updates to keep you focused on your objectives.

This personalised corporate travel management service not only saves time but also minimises stress, allowing you to stay productive and maintain peace of mind. This goes for small business travel management as well - whether you're travelling for a multi-national company or a small NGO, we are here to assist every step of the way.

Additionally, our clients consistently benefit from exclusive perks and tailored recommendations that enhance their travel experiences in line with the offerings of top corporate travel management companies. From securing coveted hotel upgrades to accessing VIP lounges, TravelManor leverages its relationships and expertise to elevate your journey beyond the ordinary.

In a world where efficiency and reliability are paramount, partnering with TravelManor ensures you receive unparalleled support and attention to detail. Experience the difference of having a dedicated contact person who is invested in your travel success at one of the best travel management companies based in South Africa. Join numerous satisfied clients who trust TravelManor to deliver personalised service that goes beyond expectations. Your seamless business journey starts with choosing a partner that is more than just a corporate travel management platform.

The Dream Team

These are the passionate individuals who take care of our clients - the account managers, strategists, and support staff who handle everything from travel management for companies to full-service travel management for small companies and big businesses.
Collaborate with A Seasoned Corporate Travel Management Team Today
In summary - we take great pride in assisting our discerning corporate clients in tailoring business journeys that work for them. Smart itineraries and cost-effective budgets are what we live for. Whether you have 5 employees, or a payroll of 500 individuals, we are able to assist you in drawing up a travel strategy that will save you time and money, and help you to make the most of the time you spend on the road. Get in touch so we can see what our corporate travel management team can do for you.


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Let us take care of the corporate travel and expense management so you can focus on the bigger picture

Set up a meeting with Julie Fevrier to discuss your business travel management system requirements and learn more about our corporate travel management services.

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