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There are many reasons why in-house corporate travel management companies work for an organisation, but thanks to modern technology, the ability to strike the right balance between costs and benefits and our ability to source the right travel deal at the right time for our extensive client list, we are the perfect answer to your corporate travel agency needs. The reasons for this are decidedly simple and are focused around our dedication to providing simpler and more affordable customer focused personally tailored business travel experiences. We have the ability to do this because our 20 years of experience allows us to offer:

1. The Latest Business Travel Booking Technology

Thanks to electronic communication there is no longer the need for an in-house business travel agent to book corporate travel tickets. A simple booking request is all it takes, and even if urgent last-minute booking changes are needed, our corporate travel agents are available to offer 24/7 personalised assistance no matter where in the world you may be.

2. Effective Management of the True Cost of Travel

Corporate travel can become expensive, and even more so if it is seasonal as an in-house travel agent can cost a company money in periods where there is travel downtime. TravelManor can help absorb this cost, by taking on the responsibilities of an in-house agent, but without adding any additional salary costs to a client's business. Over and above this, our affiliation with Sure Travel allows us to leverage the buying and negotiation power of these two travel and business stalwarts to offer special airline, hotel, car rental and transfer company rates that are perfect for your personalised business travel needs.

3. No Travel Contract Lock-in

At no point will we ever ask you to sign a contract with us, unless of course you decide that you would like one! We will however at all times provide you with the highest level of personalised customer service, and include a completely transparent reporting structure that will give you the ability to measure, manage and reduce your business travel costs through the use of our corporate travel service. We also adhere to some of the strictest industry travel policies, which helps to ensure that contract or not, you always receive the best possible service from us.

4. A Dedicated Team of Travel Experts

An in-house travel agent is normally a one person show, but when you engage with TravelManor we can provide you with an entire team of travel experts that are available 24/7/365. This means that if you, or one of your employees, encounter any issues during the course of the trip there is always someone on hand to assist you in a professional, private and responsible manner. This offers peace of mind when it comes to everything from lost luggage to hospitalisation and even includes legal representation in a foreign country.

5. The Convenience of Credit

No longer will your business need to make numerous travel payments every month, as we offer all of our clients private access to the convenience of our business travel credit facility. This means that only one hassle-free payment at the end of each month needs to be made, no matter how many trips are booked during that period. This helps to save both time as well as bank costs, which again helps to underline our dedication to providing South African businesses with the best possible personalised corporate business travel services.

If you would like to discuss your travel management options with us, or would simply like more information on any one of the points raised above, please feel free to talk to one of corporate travel experts today.

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