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The advent of smartphones and the many apps that go along with it have changed a lot of things. Foodies can have access to countless recipes, budget-conscious shoppers can keep track of their expenses on the go, fitness enthusiasts can use it to track their progress as they train - the options are endless. There’s even an app now that can be used as a contraceptive/family-planning tool! What a time to be alive.

Naturally, the travel industry has inspired its fair share of apps as well. After all, when you’re on the road, your smartphone becomes a vital tool in your organisational arsenal. Here are a few of our favourite travel apps that can seriously streamline work journeys when used properly:

Sightseeing On The Run

Short on time, but keen to see a bit of the city you’re in while you’re enjoying a refreshing run ahead of your business meetings for the day? Download RunGo. This clever app features everything you expect from a good running app (i.e. feedback on your pace, distance, etc.), but also gives you access to 90 000+ pre-plotted routes in cities around the world that will take you past famous landmarks while providing turn-by-turn voice navigation. Use it to see the sights without getting lost, while still enjoying a challenging run.

Getting to Grips With the Local Language

Any business traveller worth their salt will tell you that they best way to foster a happy working relationship with your hosts is to speak at least a little bit of their language. Download DuoLingo to learn a few of the most commonly used terms and phrases before you arrive, and continue to use it while you’re there. It’s ideal for learning on the go, since the programme is tailored for use in bite-sized chunks.

Uncovering Local Flavour

If you prefer to enjoy authentic local culture, rather than touristy events and destinations, download Spotted By Locals. This innovative app will give you a true local’s perspective on places to eat, events to attend and all sorts of things to enjoy in 70+ major cities around the world.

These are just a few of the apps out there that will streamline your work journey. The trick is to try out a few that seem like likely candidates before you go, so you can see whether the interface and UX design works for you. After all, an app that may work very well for a tech-nerd, could very well leave a creative in the lurch. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with our team of passionate corporate travel planners who take great pride in tailoring fuss-free business trips that allow travellers to work effectively and travel enjoyably.

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