How to Wind Down After a Day of Business Travelling

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How to you wind down at night when you’re travelling for work? Do you turn on some mind-numbing reality TV, reach for your phone to take a deep-dive into social media, or perhaps take a little nip from the mini bar? While these tactics may all work to a certain extent, there are better ways to wind down after a long, busy day that will aid restful sleep instead of impeding it.

According to our team of professional travel planners, the following tactics work really well:

Unplug ASAP

It may be easier said than done when you’re travelling for work, but you need to put off your laptop, cell phone, tablet and other devices if you want to get proper sleep. The blue-spectrum light emitted from these screens tell you brain it’s daytime, which wreaks havoc with your sleep-wake cycle. The sad news is that the TV does the same thing, so if you really want to ensure that you get restful sleep, your best pre-bedtime entertainment options include audiobooks and actual books.

Get a Little Bendy

After a long day of being flown and driven about, and being made to sit still in meetings, your body is going to be a little cranky. Instead of expecting it to immediately fall asleep, give it a little help to relax. Bedtime yoga differs from other types of yoga - it’s tailored especially to calm you down, stretch you out and release stress and anxiety. Not a fan? Try a gentle walk (outside if your accommodation allows; on a treadmill if not), a few relaxing laps in the pool, and a long soak in the tub once you’re done.

Enjoy a Snack

The best bedtime snacks contain tryptophan, an amino acid that helps the body make serotonin, a chemical in the brain that aids in the sleep process. Examples of snacks that contain tryptophan include full-cream yogurt with a sprinkle of granola, apple slices with almond butter, scrambled eggs, a banana or some toasted pumpkin seeds.

Following these guidelines has the potential to create a more restful environment that will allow you to relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep while travelling for work. Of course, it helps if your itinerary allows for this kind of thing. If you’d like to benefit from the singular skills of a group of passionate travel planners who pride themselves on tailoring business travel itineraries that yield exceptional ROI while still allowing for sufficient R&R for the travellers themselves, feel free to get in touch with the TravelManor team to find out more.

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