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Heads up savvy business women of the world - we've found a few travel hacks that will streamline your adventures abroad in 2018. We’re all equal in the business world, but we realise that women have a few unique challenges (and advantages!) when it comes to international travel, so we thought we’d share some of our insider tips on arriving at your destination refreshed, well-prepared and ready to grab the bull by the horns. To be fair, these tips can also work for the gents, so feel free to read on even if you are in possession of a Y-chromosome...

Find an Office-to-Airport Bag That You Love

Having a go-bag is an essential if you travel quite regularly. We recommend a spacious, lightweight, functional bag that will get you through security and immigration with the minimum of fuss. Choose a cross-body bag that allows you to maneuver through crowds, with compartments for your passport, phone, charger, headphones, a small tablet and stowage compartment for medication and accommodation keys. Ideally you want a bag that holds its shape whether its full or empty.

Invest In a Comfortable Transit Ensemble

Oh, the eternal question of what to wear on the plane when you’re travelling for business and likely to head straight for a meeting from the airport. Fortunately, there are brands out there who ponder this very question. E.g. this clothing manufacture who developed a 5-piece travel ensemble that feels like pyjamas, but can easily be dressed up with a jacket and a nice pair of shoes if you have to shoot straight for the boardroom when you set foot to tarmac.

Choose Clever Luggage

One of our pieces of must-have luggage is a toiletry bag with clear PVC pouches that snap out. With this system, you can put cosmetics in the one pouch, and toiletries in the other, allowing for quick removal of the relevant pouch when you have to declare liquids at security checkpoints. Additionally, when you're travelling light, you can easily leave the one pouch at home. Choose a bag with a hook that you can hang up in the bathroom of your hotel or accommodation venue so you don't have to rummage around needlessly.

Get Crafty with Cosmetics

Invest in a good BB cream (beauty balm) that contains moisturiser, primer, pore minimiser, SPF, skin brightener and foundation. It provides all-round cover, smoothes on easily and gives exceptional coverage. If your skin tends to get very dry, consider a leave-on mask to moisturise it deeply during your flight. Then you can simply dust on some powder and put on mascara before you disembark.

These are a few of our favourite travel hacks that smooth the way to a fuss-free business trip experience. Keep your eye on the blog in coming months, as we share more advice on streamlining your work trips. Contact TravelManor for all your business travel needs and take advantage of the unique skill set of a group of highly skilled coordinators who has the inside track on everything from hotel bookings to airline check-ins.

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