Trailblazing Travel Tech Trends for 2018

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Just when you thought the corporate travel landscape couldn’t get any more exciting, 2018 goes and ups the ante with a whole lot of technological shifts that are bound to have a big impact on the way we travel for business. Here are a few of the emerging travel tech trends that are poised to reshape the corporate journey in 2018 and years to come:

App-based Access

Door keys and paper-based hotel check-ins may soon be something of the past. With increasing numbers of mobile-first Millenials taking to the skies to do business, the accommodation industry is working hard to provide seamless access services for the new generation who expects to be able to get their admin done on the fly without the hassle of limited check-in hours, etc. The rise of app-based room keys and remote check-ins at hotels and other accommodation venues are set to make those red-eye flights and late-night departures a lot more bearable.

Autonomous Vehicles

It may still be a while before autonomous vehicle technology has been refined to the point where it becomes an everyday commodity, but when it does there are endless applications for the business travel industry. Imagine how much you’d be able to get done if you could continue to work while in transit, without having to monitor or engage with a driver, or drive yourself. In fact, autonomous vehicles could very well become the on-the-go meeting room of the future, allowing time-pressed businessmen and -women to conduct important in-person meetings while they make their way from one engagement to the next.

Community-Based Concierges

The advent of social media has changed the way we travel for pleasure, and it also has the potential to do so in the business sphere. Platforms that connect business travellers to concierges with an open, community-based approach in various destinations is on the rise.

These are just a few of the trailblazing travel technology trends that will be shaping the corporate travel landscape in 2018 and beyond. Keep an eye on the blog in coming months as we share more insight on how tech developments are changing the way we do business. In the meantime, contact TravelManor for all your business travel needs - we are a corporate travel agency with the inside track on emerging technologies and are able to advise your business on how it may be used to streamline your corporate journey expenses.

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