4 Travel Safety Tips To Implement This Summer

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Holidays and business trips can be exciting but it doesn’t always go according to plan. Whether travelling overseas, across the border or planning a road trip, our travel safety tips will ensure a safe and pleasant experience. Not only does it apply to holiday makers but business travelers will also benefit.

1. Plan Your Route

Regardless of your destination or mode of transport, you need to plan your route. Being spontaneous on a trip is a great way to experience the local sights but it can also be dangerous. You should have a basic idea of where you intend to be and when. This will help prevent you from getting lost or stranded and makes it easier to ask for directions. We’ve highlighted a few key services you may need on your trip.

  • Where do you get petrol in isolated areas?
  • Where are the most likely places you may lose signal or GPS coverage?
  • With air travel, find out where your layovers are in the event you need to stay longer due to a cancelled flight or inclement weather.
  • Do you have a phone charger with the right power point and are you able to make International calls?

Your itinerary doesn't need to be a planned orchestra so feel free to divert from your plan but a simple outline at the start is just a smart way to travel.

2. Avoid Being Vulnerable To Would-be Thieves

Tourists are commonly seen as ‘easy targets’ based on the assumption that they don’t have local knowledge or awareness. One way to prove them wrong is to be prepared. Take these steps to keep your belongings safe.

  • Lock your valuables in your suitcase or a travel safe in your hotel room.
  • Backpacks are easy pickings for pickpockets so keep phones, wallets and cameras close to you.
  • Don’t flash your cash and draw unnecessary attention to yourself. Be discreet when taking money from your wallet.
  • If possible, limit the amount of cash you carry and instead use debit or credit cards. This way you can call your bank and cancel the cards before losing too much.

3. Never Leave Home Without Travel Insurance

From lost or damaged luggage, expensive equipment, theft to medical coverage when you're out of your normal network, travel insurance is essential. There are different plans to fit everyone’s budget but they all generally help recuperate some costs if needed.

In the event you have to cancel a non-refundable part of your trip or see a doctor, make sure you have the appropriate cover. Travel insurance also helps with access to alternative accommodation or transport solutions if you get delayed during a portion of your trip. Travelling without insurance is like driving blindfolded – it can be done but not without serious risks.

4. Understand the Laws and Customs of your Destination

As a visitor traveling to a foreign country, you should always respect local customs and laws. Not knowing the rules doesn’t exempt you so be sure you’ve done your homework. In some places, the way you dress, sexual orientation and even public behaviour are key factors to keep in mind. Women traveling alone to countries with Muslim or Sharia law need to be particularly vigilant. Dress conservatively and remember to cover your legs, arms and head. Other countries may have rules on how much currency you're allowed to bring in or take out when you leave. In some cases you are even required to carry identification at all times.

As a champion corporate travel agency, we’re here to impart some of our wisdom onto you. Implement these travel safety tips and you will be well-prepared for your trip. Please give us a call if you need any assistance; our experienced consultants are happy to help in any way they can.

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