Why Clever Companies Choose Travel Management Over Travel Agencies

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If your employees travel locally or abroad to represent your business, odds are you’ve already heard about the benefits of enlisting the services of a travel management company. However, you may also be wondering (rightly so) whether you really need it, and if the expense could be warranted to C-suite. Fair enough. The economy is tough, and every budgetary line item is under scrutiny.

However, when it comes to ROI, being too pennywise could also inch you into the pound-foolish territory, especially in terms of corporate travel. Here are a few reasons why the services of a seasoned TMC will always be worth your while, and how it differs from general travel agency services to start.

Travel Management Agency (TMC) VS Travel Agency

A standard travel agency is mostly geared towards assisting individuals to book corporate and leisure journeys. They may offer special rates based on vendor relationships, and also sometimes assists clientele after hours, under certain circumstances.

Corporate travel management companies, on the other hand, work with companies to develop an overarching corporate travel programme, which includes the development of standard operating procedures and implementing systems and technology to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

So, aside from simply booking tickets and drawing up itineraries, TMCs also support businesses to streamline their travel expenses, enforce policy, mitigate risk, report on all travel expenses, and make educated decisions on promoting travel guidelines in accordance with their company culture and business goals.

5 Amazing Benefits of Enlisting the Services of a TMC like TravelManor

  1. 24/7/365 support. When your employees are travelling to foreign destinations, it’s best practice to ensure that they have access to support personnel to deal with unforeseen circumstances (e.g. lost tickets, misplaced luggage, etc.). TMCs like TravelManor provide this service.
  2. Convenient credit. Instead of processing countless travel payments monthly, businesses enjoy a convenient credit facility and only need to make a single payment at the end of each month.
  3. Financial control. With the support of a TMC, companies are able to plan ahead for cost savings, based on data and reports that include MIS cost breakdowns per traveller, and per supplier.
  4. Access to the best deals. Well-established TMCs have amazing negotiation and buying power, which they leverage to the benefit of their clients.
  5. Efficient business itineraries. Travelling employees should arrive refreshed and ready to make magic, but their journeys should never be longer than necessary. A TCM can toe the fine line between employee comfort and optimal efficiency.


These are just a few of the reasons why clever companies are choosing TMCs over travel agencies in 2023. To find out more about the services provided by our travel management team, and how we can support your travelling employees to make the most of their corporate journeys, contact TravelManor today. We are standing by to streamline your business travel in 2023, and beyond.

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