5 Top Business Stops for 2018

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What makes a good business destination? Advanced and adaptive conference spaces are a good starting point. They are the keystone of modern business architecture, not because of any particular seating capacity but because they are natural showcases of corporate confidence and character. The meeting of the minds, which follows, will require a more personable venue and since the majority of cultures share the tradition of bonding over meals, this requires access to excellent food and (for preference) excellent entertainment as well. And since everything cannot be about business (or, at least, cannot be overtly about business) suitable destination activities are a must.

Keeping all of this in mind, we've compiled a short list of the top five business destinations in the world today.

  1. Las Vegas (USA) receives pride of place primarily because of its unrivaled versatility. Not only will the infamous Sin City satisfy most every business requirement (providing conferencing for 5 million pairs of feet and heads of industry annually) its plethora of entertainment activities are sure to provide for every need, from the eclectic to the adrenaline fueled. Haute cuisine from around the world ensures any delegation can be put at ease and the crowd of casinos on the Strip epitomizes the business strategy of risk and reward.
  2. Sydney (AUS) is the business pearl of Australia. Following Brexit (research suggests) British business is poised to flow Down Under. The discerning business, with the correct vantage, promises to be raised by the tide. On that note, Australia’s pristine beaches and myriad natural attractions make it a dual purpose business/holiday destination. The New World architectural splendour of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge rubs shoulders with some of the best restaurants in the world.
  3. Mexico City (MEX) is a world class business destination the world has not yet heard about. One of Bloomberg’s most attractive emerging markets, this fast growing economy rivals such international staples as London and New York for quality conferencing venues and hotels. With attractions and architecture dating from the 13th century, its rich cultural heritage is matched only by its rich cultural dishes.
  4. Tel Aviv (IL) is the business oasis of Israel inasmuch as it provides a caravanserais for corporates from all around the world. This cosmopolitan business hub is the center of a rich entrepreneurial atmosphere and an unprecedented culture of innovation and co-operation has taken root here. A wellspring of technological development threatens to drown out Silicon Valley as the origin of a new generation of altruistic and philanthropic tech giants.
  5. Hong-Kong (HK). A purpose-built business mekka, this city-state on the coast of continental China fuses an age-old tradition of success and splendour with new world know-how and exactitude. Perhaps the home of the most accommodating hospitality industry on the globe, the professionalism of the convention centre staff is beyond compare. Hong Kong's rich history (shrines, monuments, etc.) fuses with new fangled attractions (laser shows, cable cars, etc.) to make it a prime business destination.

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