5 New Etiquette Considerations For Companies With Business Travellers

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One thing is for sure - the COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things about the way we travel for work. At TravelManor, we view it as a watershed moment for corporate travel. The pandemic, resultant worldwide lockdowns and changing attitudes about travelling for work has had a major impact on the way we plan business journeys for our clients and their employees.

For one thing, there are a variety of brand-new etiquette rules to consider in this regard. Here are a few things we recommend businesses should note as it pertains to mandated travel for their employees in 2021 and beyond:

1. Economy Flights Won't Always Pass Muster

While economy flights make budgetary sense if you have a lot of people travelling for you company, it also means that people will have to be in very close confines with strangers for long periods of time. Airline choices and seating preferences should be reconsidered in this light.


2. Choose Hotels That Are Transparent About Sanitation Policies

Most companies are opting to let their employees stay at hotels with higher star ratings, since these establishments are transparent about their cleaning and sanitation policies. It provides everyone with peace of mind that their accommodation is safe and sanitary.

3. Consider Driving As An Alternative For Local Travel

While flying is quicker, some employees may feel safer driving if they have to travel for work locally. As such, it makes sense to provide your team with a little lee-way when it comes to transportation methods.

4. Provide Concise Insights On Social Norms In Different Countries

If an employee is travelling to a new destination to meet with a client/supplier/collaborator on your behalf, reach out to their team before they go. Find out what social norms are with regard to mask-wearing, greeting, spatial distancing, etc. and prepare your employee/s accordingly.

5. Have Protocol In Place For Employees Who Get Sick

What will happen if your employee notices COVID-related symptoms while they travel? Be ready with a set of steps your travelling workforce should follow if they feel sick, and suspect that they may have contracted the virus.

Would you like corporate travel assistance and support that will allow you to take good care of your team no matter where they are headed? Our experienced travel planners are waiting in the wings to assist you with all your corporate travel planning needs. Feel free to contact us to find out more about the full line-up of corporate travel-planning services we offer at TravelManor.

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