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Making your way to London for business soon? Lucky fish! Whether you’re traveling to the Big Smoke for a short while or a longer stay to foster new opportunities for your company, there is just something exhilarating about the sheer verve and tenacity of this British stalwart. It always helps to know a little bit about the ins and outs of the larger world cities before you set foot to the tarmac, so we thought we’d share some of our insider knowledge on London in particular.

Here are a few of our top tips for business travelers to London:

Get Yourself an Oyster Card

The most convenient way to gain access to London’s well-managed public transport system is to get yourself an Oyster Card from a tube station and preload a given amount onto it. In doing so, you will enjoy a discounted journey rate and there is a daily cap on how much you'll pay daily - after about four standard journeys the rest of our travels around London will be free for that day!

INSIDER INFO: Taking the escalator at a tube station? If you plan to ride standing, do so to the right - the left lane is reserved for riders who plan to scale the stairs on the go.

Don’t Count on Free Wi-Fi

You wouldn’t think it, but London’s public Wi-Fi is notoriously slow and undependable. If you need to get work done or stay connected, your best option is to do so from the comfort of your hotel or a shared working space. Another good option is to get a local SIM card so you can make calls and access the internet from your smartphone at a fraction of conventional roaming costs.

You Can Squeeze In Some Sightseeing (Even On Short Trips!)

We always recommend that corporate travelers try to see and experience at least a little bit of the cities they encounter on their journeys. Even if you don’t have the luxury of adding a bleisure component to your trip, there are ways to sneak in a few sightseeing missions. You could, for instance, go on a self-guided, app-enabled, audio-led walk that will teach you more about subjects as varied as London’s royal heritage, craft beer, and Caribbean culture. Alternatively, make your way to the Tate Modern or Southbank Centre, where there is always something new and exciting happening.

INSIDER INFO: Entry at the Natural History Museum, The Science Museum, The British Museum and much more is free of charge, so you can enjoy plenty of sightseeing without spending a single pound if you are trying to keep your personal overheads low while traveling for work. Also, avoid Oxford street on Saturdays and Sundays - it’s absolute mayhem and not conducive to a good time.

Keeping these tips in mind on your visit to London will lay the groundwork the way for a fuss-free and rewarding business trip. Check the blog in the coming weeks and months for more expert advice on making the most of your business journeys in some of the world’s foremost corporate destinations. In the meantime, contact our team of dedicated corporate travel planners if you would like to learn more about our services and how we can help you to structure travel itineraries that make the most of your time abroad.

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