What to See & Do in 24h in Lagos, Nigeria

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At TravelManor, our clients don’t only include individuals who travel to the USA, Europe and the East. In fact, a significant percentage of our clients frequently travel to African countries. As the African continent develops and new business opportunities emerge in places like Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya and Uganda, more companies are sending out emissaries to follow up on leads and make new contacts in these developing countries.

As always, our team believes all work and no play makes Jack a rather dull boy. If you happen to be travelling to Nigeria soon, here are a few of the must-see sights you can include during the leisure portion of your bleisure trip to this fascinating destination:

View Yoruba Art at the Nike Art Gallery

Appreciating a country’s native art is a wonderful way to gain insight into its culture. The Nike Art Gallery in Lagos is home to an impressive collection of contemporary Yoruba art. The Yoruba people are an ethnic group of southwestern and north-central Nigeria, as well as southern and central Benin. Together, these regions are known as Yorubaland. The Yoruba constitute over 40 million people in total. Their art is colourful and striking, including batik pieces and figurative paintings of detailed faces, landscapes and everyday Yoruba life.

Encounter Fascinating Wildlife at the Lekki Conservation Centre

The Lekki Conservation Centre was established in 1990 by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation and is the top choice wildlife reserve in Lagos according to Lonely Planet. The centre has a huge tract of wetlands set aside for wildlife viewing. Canopy walkways enable visitors to view monkeys, crocodiles and various birds. There is a conservation centre and a library; early morning is the best time to visit.

Celebrate Independence at Freedom Park

Freedom Park is a memorial and leisure park area in the middle of downtown Lagos in Lagos Island, Nigeria which was formerly Her Majesty's Broad Street Prison. It serves as a heritage site celebrating the country's independence and freedom from the colonialist era. Visitors can enjoy music events at an open-air stage, peruse the food court, browse souvenir shops and enjoy the tranquil ambience around the pond and fountain.

DID YOU KNOW? Lagos is known as 'Eko' to the locals. It is also the largest city in Nigeria and on the continent of Africa.

These are a few of the fun things you can do and see in 24 hours in Lagos. Keep your eye on the blog in coming months, as we share more advice on exploring new and exciting destinations while you travel for work. Contact TravelManor for all your business travel needs and take advantage of the unique skill set of a group of highly skilled coordinators who has the inside track when it comes to making your trip work for you.

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