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Headed to the Russian capital for business soon? How exciting! This cosmopolitan city is a beguiling destination that thrills visitors with its majestic architecture, deep-seated air of historical significance and unrelenting artistry. It is a place that is known for its performing arts, fascinating cuisine and plenty of local flavour. Not to mention being home to major companies like Yandex, Gazprom, Sistema, Mobile TeleSystems, of course!

At TravelManor, our team takes great pride in working with each and every client to ensure that they make the most of their corporate journeys. Here are a few tips we share with travellers who are headed to Moscow in the Russian Federation for the first time:

Headed to Moscow in Winter? Bundle Up!

From the beginning of November to the end of March temperatures in Moscow can drop to approximately −10 °C, although there can be periods of warmth with temperatures rising above 0 °C. In short - it's very, very cold. Invest in a high-quality puffer jacket (natural down is best, synthetic materials don't hold warmth as well) to wear on your commute.

Thermal underwear is not advised, as the trains and buildings are very well-heated in winter, and you may end up being uncomfortably warm indoors. Another top tip is to carry your formal shoes in your bag or briefcase and change into it before you head into meetings. Although the city's municipal teams take great pains to keep the sidewalks free of ice and snow, your feet can still get very wet and the anti-slip chemicals used can ruin a nice pair of shoes.

Arrange Meetings Well in Advance (And Then Get Ready to Wait)

It is recommended that visiting business folks arrange meetings with government officials and corporate groups at least six weeks ahead. Confirm the meeting a couple of days before the date. Always arrive on time but don’t be surprised if you are kept waiting. Patience is a key aspect of all business meetings and negotiations in Russia.

Present All Documentation in Both English & Russian

Any documentation you share during a meeting should be prepared in both Russian and English, and your business card is not exempt! Have a batch made up with English on one side and Russian on the other? If you hold any advanced degrees, note it on your business card to make a lasting impression.

DID YOU KNOW? Moscow is the largest city in Europe. It covers 2511 square km and has a population of 12 million (the same as the population of whole countries like Norway and Switzerland). As such, Moscow is by rights to large to be called a city, and could actually declare itself a country!

Following these guidelines when you visit Moscow will pave the way for a seamless business journey to Moscow in the Russian Federation. Keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks and months for more insider info on making the most of your trips to major business hubs around the world. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch if you would like to consult a member of our passionate travel-planning team. Let’s work together to make your business trips as simple and rewarding as possible.

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