Know Before You Go: Helsinki for Business Travellers

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If you’re making your way to Helsinki on a business trip soon, you’re in for one major treat. This compact city is a space of breathtaking design. Known as Finland's creative hub, it is filled to the rafters with eclectic boutiques, authentic artisanal workshops and gorgeous galleries featuring the glassware, textiles and homeware the Fins are renowned for creating. Although the city is elegantly urban, there are also plenty of natural environments to enjoy nearby - archipelago islands, beautiful beaches and extensive parks and gardens. It’s the best of both in every sense.

Over the years, the TravelManor team has assisted countless business travellers to streamline journeys to the Nordic countries. Here are a few top tips we share with our clients before they make their way to Helsinki:

Dress Neatly & Be On Time

In most of Finland, it is the norm to dress neatly and conservatively for a business meeting; dark suits predominate in the boardroom. Meetings are quite formal and aside from initial handshakes and business card exchanges, there are few pleasantries - Fins like to get down to business, so it's best not to expect a lot of small talk. Punctuality is very important as well. Arrange your meetings beforehand and try to arrive with some time to spare.

Be Sure To Check on Visa Requirements

There are no visa requirements for nationals of EU member states, or for US and Canadian nationals for visits less than six months. Visa requirements are subject to change with changes in requirements and rules; for further information, visit the website of the Finland Embassy UK.

Going In Winter? Pack LOTS Of Warm Stuff!

Helsinki is the world’s coldest capital, with a yearly average temperature that rarely exceeds 0 °C, and 51 days without any sun in the sky. There are around 120 rainy days in the Finnish capital each year, so if you're headed there in winter, be sure to pack plenty of layers and keep warm. The cold season is not without its charms, however, it is a great time to enjoy a little skiing on the outskirts of the city in between meetings. Or perhaps you want to visit one of the many saunas the city is known for?

DID YOU KNOW? Helsinki is comprised of 300 islands connected by countless bridges. Water transport is prevalent throughout the city and there are more than 11 000 parking spots for boats! In wintertime, most citizens leave their yachts in one of the many marinas throughout the city.

Following these guidelines when you travel to Helsinki on business will help to ensure that you enjoy a rewarding journey from start to finish. Check back soon to find out more about business travel customs around the world - the TravelManor team is standing by to serve up the inside scoop on Rio de Janeiro, Salt Lake City, Frankfurt, and more. In the meantime, you can also feel free to reach out to us to find out more about our travel planning services - we would love to work with you to iron out any wrinkles in your corporate journeys.

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