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Business trip to Frankfurt coming up? You must be beside yourself with excitement! Colloquially known as 'Mainhattan' (for the river Main), the German city's buzzing finance and business district is home to one of the largest stock exchanges around the globe and the glittering facade of the European Central Bank is enough to make every business traveller swoon. Not to mention the village-like neighbourhoods filled with outdoor cafes, boutiques and street art, of course! Frankfurt offers the best of both on every level.

The TravelManor team has assisted countless business travellers to tailor trips to Germany, so we know the lay of the land. Here are a few of the top tips we share with our clients before they make their way to Frankfurt:

Observe German Business Etiquette Closely

The Germans do not mess around in the business. Arrive promptly for meetings, shake hands firmly while maintaining eye contact and always (always!) respect the chain of command. Hierarchy is very important in German culture. So be sure to follow the chain of command in meetings and any business decisions you may come to. Be ready for lengthy meetings - Germans are very focussed on accuracy and will take their time to ensure that all details are ironed out before they get up from the boardroom table.

Unwind With Some Yoga At the Airport

This tip may seem a little odd, but if you have some time to kill at the airport, why not relax by enjoying a bit of yoga at the 24-hour complimentary yoga rooms that are available at Frankfurt Airport? The rooms feature mats, cushions, music and instructional videos, so all you need to do is arrive and get your stretch on.

Eat a Frankfurter (And Enjoy The Rest of The Cuisine!)

You simply cannot travel all the way to Frankfurt and leave before sampling their most famous food. Grab a delicious Frankfurter on the go from a street vendor if you’re pressed for time, or try a dressed-up version at one of the city’s many wonderful restaurants. Other must-enjoy German foods you should include in your gastronomic lineup during your stay in Frankfurt include Äppelwoi, Rindswurst, and Frankfurter Kranz (look it up!).

DID YOU KNOW? Frankfurt means 'ford of the franks' - and that's ford, not fort. The Germanic tribe did not build a fort here - this was the place where they found a place to cross the river. So that's where we got Frankfurt ('Frankenford'). In fact, the city used to have a slightly longer name. It was initially called Frankfurt am Main.

There you have it - a few helpful guidelines to help you navigate the business travel landscape when you make your way to Frankfurt in Germany. Keen to find out more about travel to the biggest business cities in the world? Keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks and months - our team are compiling more expert listicles as we speak. In the meantime, feel free to contact us to have a chat in person; we look forward to learning more about your requirements and see how we can help you streamline your corporate journeys.

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