Know Before You Go: Durban Tips for Business Travellers

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Are you on your way to Durban, South Africa on business soon? We’re sure you are the envy of your colleagues! We’ve assisted many local and international corporate travelers to journey to the Friendly City for work, so we know the lay of the land and we know how to tailor a trip that will allow you to see the sights while still generating some serious ROI for your company. The coastal city in the KwaZulu-Natal province is an often overlooked gem that can be explored very easily in-between meetings.

Here are a few of our top tips for business travelers to Durban:

Durban Gets Really Humid

Durban is known for its very humid weather. In these kinds of conditions, the layers closest to your body sweat quite a bit. As such, it's recommended that you pack more undergarments that you normally would. For your outer layers, you want fabrics that breathe as much as possible, like linen and cotton. If you fear creasing on your way to meetings, choose lightweight synthetic fibres that wick away moisture, in loose-fitting styles so it doesn't cling to your body.

TOP TIP: Keep hydrated. Humidity saps your energy because you get dehydrated much faster than you would in conventional conditions. Keep hydrating by filling up on water and herbal teas throughout the day.

Try The Curry (But Be Careful!)

Durban is renowned for its wonderful curries and spicy food in general. If you enjoy foods like these, we highly recommend that you get some recommendations from a local and make your way to one of the city’s famous eateries. However, if you don’t normally go in for spicy foods, ask your waitron to point out the mild options on the menu, so you don’t upset your stomach in the lead-up to an important meeting.

Ditch The Hotel Gym - Head Outside

It can be tempting to get your exercise at the hotel gym when you’re traveling, but you have to acknowledge that you are wasting a golden opportunity to see more of the city you’re visiting in the limited time you have available. If you run or walk, we can highly recommend heading outdoors to get your steps in when you’re visiting Durban. The city has a stunning seafront promenade that runs from uShaka Marine World, a huge theme park with an aquarium, to the futuristic Moses Mabhida Stadium. There are also plenty of recommended routes you can try if you’re pressed for time or would prefer a longer run.

Following these guidelines on your visit to Durban, South Africa will lay the groundwork for a rewarding business trip. Check the blog in coming weeks and months for more expert advice on making the most of your business journeys in some of the world’s foremost global destinations. In the meantime, contact our team of passionate corporate travel planners if you would like to learn more about our corporate travel management services and how we can assist you in tailoring work journeys that allow you to drink in a little bit of the magic of the wonderful cities you visit to represent your company.

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