Know Before You Go: Chicago Tips for Business Travellers

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Are you making your way to Chicago on business soon? Good on you! We’ve assisted plenty of travelers to journey to Chi-Town for work, so we know a thing or two about making the most of your time there, while also ensuring that all your obligations are met. After all, the Second City might be home to the HQs of both Boeing and McDonalds, but it’s more than just a workaday destination - there are lots to explore if you can find (or make) the time in-between meetings.

Here are a few of our top tips for business travelers to Chicago:

Trust The Public Transport System

Unless you are a particularly confident driver, it’s not recommended that you go the rental-car route on a business trip to Chicago. Instead, most Chicago natives would recommend that you do as they do - use public transport. The famous Chicago Transit Authority El trains offer direct service to both of the city’s airports - the Blue Line serves O’Hare and Orange Line covers Midway International Airport. The helpful Transit App is a great way to keep track of arrival projections for El trains and bus routes. You can also punch in your destination so the app will give you a warning when your stop is approaching.

Dress For All Seasons

Chicago’s weather is fickle at the best of times. Let’s just say there’s a reason some call it the Windy City. Your best option is to prepare for all four seasons in the space of a given day. Dress in light layers that you can take off and add back on it gets warmer or cooler - especially if your day’s itinerary will take you to various parts of the city. Certain neighbourhoods are catchment areas, where others are not, so you are likely to experience quite a varied climate as you make your way around the city.

Time To Spare? Get Out of Downtown

Most of Chicago's major hotels are situated around the River North, on the Mag Mile and along the Loop. This is also where you'll find a bunch of tourist restaurants and chain eateries. If you want an authentic dining experience, make your way into the neighbourhoods. Each of the hamlets that make up Chicago has its own singular vibe - this is where you will get a true taste of what Chi-Town is about.

Following these guidelines on your visit to Chicago will pave the way for a rewarding business trip. Check the blog in coming weeks and months for more expert advice on making the most of your business journeys in some of the world’s most famous destinations. In the meantime, contact our team of passionate corporate travel planners if you would like to learn more about our services and how we can help you to tailor work travel experiences that make the most of the time you spend in amazing cities around the world.

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