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If you travel for work quite often, you’ll know that a layover can be a headache if you don’t have access to a comfortable area to relax before you catch your next flight. When executives and corporate decision makers travel for work, it is imperative that they arrive at their destination refreshed and ready to represent their company in the best light possible. As such, airport lounge access normally forms part of a the overarching travel budget for savvy travellers.

Contemporary airport lounges are developing according to the taste of discerning travellers. What started out as a few couches in a waiting room setting, has now evolved to offer frequent flyers everything from immersive cultural experiences, to fresh air zones and all the comforts of home. To give you an idea of what’s out there, here are a few examples of inspiring airport lounges from around the globe:

Delta Sky Club, USA

Delta Airlines’ Delta Sky Club lounges in at JFK Terminal 4 and Atlanta Concourse F offer travellers the opportunity to get some literal fresh air. These terminals feature roomy outdoor patios where access-holders can feel some sun on their skin and enjoy a meal or beverage in a convivial alfresco setting.

SATS Premier Lounge, Singapore

The SATS Premier Lounge at Singapore Changi International Airport Terminal 2 is a great option for business travellers who may not have the option of enjoying cultural pursuits during their visit to the country due to time constraints. Here, passengers on layover can immerse themselves in fresh orchid displays, view local art and porcelain, and even encounter cultural events that take place at regular intervals.

Almost@Home Lounge, Finland

If you enjoy the comforts of home, the Almost@Home Lounge at Helsinki Airport will be right up your alley. Here, travellers are invited to make themselves a snack or grab a beverage from the fridge in a lovely, contemporary kitchen. A carefully curated selection of expertly refurbished and newer furniture complement each other and convey the feeling that the premises was shaped over many years. It’s like hanging out at your folks’ or best friend’s house, except you won’t have to feel guilty for raiding their pantry.

These are just a few of the trailblazing airport lounges that are keeping frequent travellers happy and rested around the world. Keep your eye on the blog in coming months, as we share more advice on enjoying pleasant and productive work trips. Contact TravelManor for all your business travel needs and take advantage of the unique skill set of a group of highly skilled coordinators who’s greatest wish is for your expertly-planned corporate trip to yield some serious ROI.

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