The Importance Of Women In Travel & How The Industry Is Shifting For Good

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Did you know that the TravelManor team is made up of a dynamic team of women? Like, exclusively women? It totally is! The company is privately owned by entrepreneur Julie Fevrier and underpinned by the Sure Travel Group (wholly owned by Sure Holding Pty Ltd - one of the largest travel consortiums in the Southern Hemisphere) and every employee is female.

As such, we tend to keep our ears on the ground where the representation of women in the world of travel is concerned. Not because we are brow-beating feminists, mind, but simply because we get very excited when our sisters-in-travel around the world get up to inspiring things and share interesting info. As such, we were really impressed by the depth of research that went into a recent article on this topic that was published on the Afar platform.

Here are a few key take-outs from this in-depth piece, which you can enjoy in its entirety here.

There are more women in travel than men

This may seem like a printing error, but it’s not. In fact, 56% of leisure travellers are female, and over the past five years, they have steadily held this majority stake. But that's not all - they also tend to hold the purse strings. According to recent findings, women make 85% of all travel decisions, including destinations, flight times, accommodation and activities. It's also important to note that women, on average, live longer, which means that they stay alive to make it into the retiree travel bracket, which is a hugely important demographic.

Marginalised women are travelling now more than ever

People of colour are one of the fastest-growing travel groups, especially black women. Not to mention Chinese women who are quite literally the largest outbound travel market in the world, and also spend a lot more when they head out to explore. Solo travel is also on the rise for women, who are as much as four times more likely to strike out on their own than their male counterparts.

Corporate female travellers are demanding insightful support

In the corporate space, more and more women are travelling for work as they ascend the latter to leadership roles. In fact, this year women account for almost half (47%) of the corporate travel pie. Yet, there are very few companies whose corporate travel policies reflect the specific needs of women travelling alone for work (e.g. safe travel times, same-sex transit providers, screened accommodation venues). As such, the businesses that do focus on these things are setting themselves up to attract top talent.

Good to know, right? Check back soon for more inspiring news from the desks of travel experts around the globe. In the meantime, feel free to contact the TravelManor team to find out more about our female-only band of passionate travel planners, and the comprehensive array of corporate travel-planning services we offer.

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