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Jetting off on another business trip soon? Exciting, right? But also a little disruptive, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine. When you’re on the road representing your company, you want to look, feel and perform your best, which means it’s crucial to keep things on the up and up from a health perspective. Here are a few ways to keep things ticking over when you take to the skies:

Before you go

  • Have an active day and enjoy a vigorous workout before you leave for the airport so you are more likely to sleep well on the plane.
  • Book in advance and try to secure a seat that suits your frame (especially if you're very tall).
  • Plan ahead so the lead-up to your trip is not so stressed that you arrive for your flight frazzled and out of sorts.
  • Do not leave too much work and prep to be done on the plane. It can be tempting to leave a lot of work for the 'empty' hours on a flight, but using that time to rest before arrival also holds many benefits.

On the way

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Instead, keep hydrated with water and non-caffeinated herbal teas.
  • Do some stretches in your seat to ensure that your joints stay nice and lose and your muscles don’t tense up.
  • Read or listen to an audio book instead of watching a movie or using a handheld device. The blue light emitted from phones and tablets stimulates the brain and keeps sleep at bay.

While you’re there

  • Eat five, small, nutritious meals per day rather than diving face first into the hotel buffet at breakfast and lunch. Lighter, more frequent meals will keep your blood sugar stable and energy levels up, lessening the odds of any daytime lethargy or that dreaded afternoon slump.
  • Take a multivitamin and keep hydrating. Travelling wreaks havoc on your immune system, so do what you can to avoid getting sick before you head back home.

Following these guidelines will pave the way to a less disruptive travel experience. Keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks and months for more insight into maintaining existing routines when you hit the road. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with our team of passionate corporate travel planners who take great pride in tailoring fuss-free business trips that allow travellers to work effectively, explore more and return refreshed and ready to carpe that diem.

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