The Future of Business Travel Looks Bright!

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The past decade has seen a massive change in the way people experience business travel, but what we have encountered up to this point is nothing compared to what the future of business travel holds for us! Everything from how we communicate digitally while away, to how we converse with people on a face to face level, and even how we travel from point A to point B will be vastly different to what it is today.

What Does the Future of Business Travel Look Like?

In a word – EXCITING! Digital communication will play a key role in facilitating everything we do while traveling. From booking airline tickets and making hotel reservations, to reserving restaurant tables or tickets to a show, everything will be done via a Smartphone or Tablet. At this very moment, the future is already starting to merge with the present, and all sectors of the local and international travel industry have made significant investments in mobile (AMP) friendly websites and travel apps that have been designed to cater to the needs and requirements of the modern-day business and leisure traveller. In fact, for the first time in history every bit of information that a traveller will need is just a simple tap or click away.

Work Hard, Play Hard

It looks like the future of business travel is not just going to be about business, as more and more travellers are expected to mix business with pleasure as they combine work and leisure trips. Hotels are already cashing in on this, and while doing so they are helping to redefine what it means to be a business destination. Although access to high speed internet and the convenience of business centres are still very much in demand, hotels are also now offering innovative ways to experience the local scene and enjoy award winning cuisine and shows.

Tech Will Become a Your Travel Assistant

Hollywood has shown us what a possible future could look like, but much of what we see and think of as science fiction, is in actuality becoming science fact. And almost every one of these new tech innovations will play a role in the way we travel. These current and soon to be available technologies include, but are not limited to:

  • Instant Translations: Like the fabled Babel Fish from Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, wearable auditory translation technology is coming soon and will obliterate all language barriers. This will literally transform the way people think about and do international business forever.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Robots at hotel front desks and airport check-in counters will soon be seen across the globe. Instant check-ins and check-outs are now what people demand, as time is more than just money, it is a commodity all of its own and we have less and less of it as the pace of life increases. Already The Hilton and IBM have combined resources and know-how to create 'Connie', the hospitality industry's first robot hotel's concierge. “She” can provide almost any information a guest would need, be it spa and gym opening times or even banking and personalised consumer information.
  • Flying Cars: Yes, you read that correctly! Ever since man first took to the skies in the early 1900’s, we have dreamt of a future with flying cars. And now thanks to companies such as Urban Aeronautics, AeroMobil, PAL-V, Moller International and Terrafugia, the flying car is soon to be a reality. Rush-hours will be a thing of the past as you sit back and allow your autopilot to safely guide you to work or home.
  • Robotic Luggage: Forget carrying your own luggage in the future, because Travelmate Robotics may soon be offering robotic suitcase to the international market. These automated suitcases we be able to be programmed to follow you around like a dutiful four-wheeled dog.

In our opinion, the Future of Business Travel looks extremely rosy thanks to the ever-changing technology and way people approach business travel. So why not come and share this future with us at TravelManor – a forward thinking business travel agency.

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