Study Reveals the Media Habits of Frequent Travellers

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The BDRC Group, which is one of the most respected research consultancy companies in the world, has recently revealed its findings from an innovative study into the media habits of some of the world’s most frequent travellers. Not only is this incredibly revealing information exceptionally interesting, but we at TravelManor think that it could also be useful to many of our frequent business travellers.

How Was the Research Done?

The BDRC Group is renowned for their approach to gathering the right information at the right time, and during this research project they researched it using the point of purchase, namely at travel agencies and corporate travel management companies. This gave them access to a sample of travellers that were in excess of 16,000 people and allowed them to accurately assess views, habits and travel motivations for a projected 9.9 million weekly air travellers. This information was specifically targeted to reveal which of 45 international media brands, as well as 120+ sub-brands, were engaged with.

What Were the Findings?

The findings themselves reveal a lot about the differences in how business and leisure travellers approach a trip. This starts off by noting that business travellers take over 6 trips a year on average and stay in hotels for 18 nights during that time. Leisure travellers on the other hand take 3 trips a year, yet stay in a hotel for at least 13 nights on average. It further went on to uncover that the average annual household income for frequent international travellers (both business and leisure) is over US$100,000 or over R1.3 million.

It must at this point be noted that the sample used to garner the information in this report has an international focus and 47% of all research respondents work for a company/organization that have sites in more than one country. Because of this the consumption of international media is exceptionally high and includes some of the biggest names in the international media industry. They include at a glance:

  • BBC Worldwide
  • Bloomberg
  • CNN
  • Fox
  • The Harvard Business Review
  • The Financial Times
  • National Geographic
  • Discovery
  • A&E

Get Access to the Full Detailed Report

If you would like access to the full Media Habits of Frequent Travellers report then please visit the BDRC Media GPS Site here. The important information you’ll be able to access for your business includes not only the Media Global Passenger Study which covers the media habits of 16,000 international air travellers with High Net Worth, but also important information on what they want to purchase, where they stay and what they watch. This makes the report an essential tool for companies and organisations that are looking to target this influential group of global business travellers.

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