10 FBI-Approved Travel Safety Tips for 2019

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Traveling for work can be very rewarding - there is something wonderfully reinvigorating about taking the show on the road and interacting with like-minded contemporaries around the globe. However, it can also be a little nerve-wracking when the news is full of horror stories of attacks on airports, hotels etc. This begs the question - what could you be doing to stay as safe as possible when you take to the skies for a business journey?

As the preferred travel management company for high-profile companies and individuals across various business sectors, we are always on the lookout for information to share with our clientele in this regard. Here are a few FBI-approved tips that were recently shared by a former agent who developed courses to protect high-level government officials, as well as serving as a personal security advisor to a U.S. Attorney General and two FBI Directors.

  1. Stay alert at the airport. Don't walk around with headphones or scrolling on your phone. Keep your eyes up and remain spatially aware.
  2. Pay attention to the aircraft briefing. Don't zone out when the air hostess is speaking. Take note of the simplest route from your seat to the closest emergency exit. Also, know where the fire extinguisher is situated in the event of a blaze.
  3. Carry a small flashlight. This tool becomes infinitely useful in the event of a power outage.
  4. Choose a hotel with a well-lit, 24h foyer, and modern safety features on a safe street. Use Google Street View to get a feel for the surroundings.
  5. Book a room above the second and below the 7th floor. As a rule of thumb the first floor is avoided due to break-in risks; in the event of a fire, ladder trucks don't reach higher than the 6th.
  6. Walk and conduct yourself with confidence and an alert demeanor. Criminals seek out victims who look and behave like targets.
  7. Stash it, don't flash it - leave your impressive jewellery and overt signs of wealth at home. Wear your handbag/wallet close to your body (preferably a money belt beneath your clothing).
  8. Always check travel advisories before you book your flights and accommodation - if the threat level in your destination region is high, you might want to reconsider the timing of your trip.
  9. Know where your embassy is in the city to which you're traveling.
  10. Set a Google alert for the country you're visiting so you may get real-time news updates regarding safety issues.

Taking head of these safety tips will pave the way for a secure journey. Check the blog in coming weeks and months for more expert advice on enjoying a safe and rewarding business trip every time you leave for a new destination. In the meantime, contact our team of dedicated corporate travel planners if you would like to learn more about our services.

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