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Travel is one of the most effective ways of doing business in the modern world. It is good etiquette, easy to accomplish and above all impactful on the bottom line thanks to face-to-face communication which helps to build relationships based on trust. Large companies are experts at this, simply because they are capable of setting up effective travel procedures, and generally have sufficient income to cover travelling expenses. But what about smaller businesses, what can they do? The lack of an internal travel specialist, prohibitive travel cost overruns, and a sometimes unorganised approach to travel can result in some serious financial and time constraint implications. All of this hassle is unnecessary, however, as there are Business Travel Companies such as us at TravelManor who specialise in providing efficient travel plans that suit the exact needs and budget of your business. We’re able to do this by concentrating on what is best for your business and executing your Business Travel Plans using the Four Pillars of Efficient Business Travel. These tenants are:

Organisation is Key: You Can Manage Finances Through Consolidation

As all small business owners know, it is almost impossible to manage business’ finances without an organised system. This is because funds need to be properly distributed across multiple cost centres and if one cost escalates it has a knock-on effect on other departments. This is why we at TravelManor can help you ensure that travel costs come in on budget, and that all travel related costs are reported in a transparent and easily accessed manner. By doing this, were helping to ensure that the organisation of your company finances are taken into account, allowing you more control over travel expenditure than ever before.

Feel free to talk to us about our Financial Travel Reports if you’d like to learn more!

Travel Compliance Counts: Training Travellers is More Important than Ever

Recent reports have indicated that most Corporate Travel Managers believe that travel compliance will save a company money. We agree with them, but this means that there will need to be a move towards educating and training Corporate Travellers so that they have a better understanding of a company’s travel policy, and thereby saving money through adherence to policy. It is important to remember that if an employee doesn’t follow a business’s travel compliance directions, they risk skewing or even damaging a company’s savings plan. Thankfully, however, TravelManor is well versed in Corporate Travel Compliance, and this allows us to put together travel plans that conform to what it is your business needs and deliver a compliant business experience that is both economical and efficient.

If you’d like to know more about setting up a Corporate Travel Policy, or would simply like to find out more about how we help to create significant travel savings through cost avoidance, then please contact us at any time!

Flexibility is ALWAYS Important: But Set Up Achievable Travel Plans

You tell us what you want from your Corporate Travel and we’ll ensure that it happens! But even if things do change, we’re always here to help ensure that your travel plans are flexible. Additionally, with the input of the person doing the travelling, will set up an achievable travel plan that is both adaptable and yet 100% supportive of the individual corporate traveller's needs. We’re able to do this through open communication, and a team of highly skilled and dedicated senior travel consultants who are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Remember, if you need us we’re always here for you!

Don’t Forget Transparency: Open Communication at All Times

We’ve already mentioned open communication above, but there is more to it than simply having a Corporate Travel Consultant at your beck and call at any time of the day or night. Businesses, particularly small ones, need to be open to discussing with us what it is that needs to be accomplished on a trip and why it is essential for a business to undertake the trip. Structure, clarity, and transparency are the order of the day if we are to deliver the best possible Corporate Travel Experience for your company we need to regularly talk about your expectations and how we can help you achieve them.

Talk to us about what Business Travel Services we can provide you with!

We’re More Than a Corporate Travel Agency, We’re Your Business Partner

The Four Pillars of Efficient Business Travel that we’ve shared with you above are are an integral part of our business. They allow us to offer you something a little different from our competitors and become your business partner and not just a Local Corporate Travel Agency.

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