5 Top Tips To Get More Work Done On A Plane Trip

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If you travel on behalf of your company regularly, you’ll know that it really makes a big difference if you are able to use the in-flight time to get some work done en route to your destination. While it would of course be fantastic to kick back with a relaxing beverage and a movie, most corporate travellers know that making the most of transit time means less prep work upon arrival.

However, being productive on a plane trip can be easier said than done. From nosy seat partners to cabin noise, there are a bunch of things that can distract you from the task at hand. Fortunately, there are a few strategies you can employ to smooth the way for a productive flight. Here are a few top tips from our seasoned corporate travel planners:

1. Arrange to Have As Much Room as Possible

When your travel planner books your ticket, ask them to arrange for a seat that offers as much room as possible, especially if you’ll be flying coach. Trying to work on a laptop in a seat in the middle aisle with two people next to you can be a little impossible, especially if you are on the taller end of the spectrum. As such, it helps to book a seat in the exit row or bulkhead if possible.

2. Check That You’ll be Connected

This goes without saying, but if you’ll need the internet to get your work done in transit, you will have to opt for a flight with dependable Wi-Fi. Another way to go is to do all of your research and downloads before you board, so you have everything ready to do your work offline while you travel. Also, remember to charge your devices fully before boarding, and take along a power bank for extra juice if you can. Oh, and remember all your chargers and connectors when you pack!

3. Have a Chat with Your In-Flight Neighbours

Check-in with the person in front of you to let them know that you have your laptop out and that you would appreciate it if they could give you a head’s up before they recline their seat. This way you can avoid the unfortunate mishap of a damaged screen.

4. Keep Your Screen to Yourself

It can be a little awkward to get work done when you have curious seatmates around. Consider investing in a privacy screen filter like this one, which makes the screen visible only to the person sitting directly in front of it - especially if the work you’re doing has confidential elements to it.

5. Be Ready to Drown Out the Noise

Noise-cancelling headphones are a dream when you need to work in a public space, but also tend to be on the pricey side. Another option is to listen to a white noise soundtrack using conventional earphones while you work. This has the awesome side benefit of activating gamma waves in the brain, which is fantastic for concentration.

There you have it - five top tips that will help you to turn transit time into productive time. Check back soon for more expert advice on travelling efficiently and cost-effectively when you hit the tarmac on behalf of your employer. In the meantime, feel free to contact us the TravelManor team to find out more about our comprehensive range of corporate travel-management services.

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