4 Things To Consider About A Car Hire Service For Corporate Trips

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When your employees are hitting the road on behalf of your company, it helps if all the details are ironed out beforehand. This includes booking a hotel for their stay and helping them to plot their journey. More often than not, it will also include hiring a car for their trip since most employees are unlikely to opt for using their own vehicle, as business trips are subject to wear and tear, and puts extra kilos on the clock.

So, how do you choose the best car hire services for your needs? Here are four important questions you should be asking yourself when you consider your options in terms of car hire services when employees are headed on business trips, both locally and abroad:

What Exactly Do I Need?

Different trips call for different vehicles. If there are two or more employees travelling, you might consider a comfortable van option that will allow them to all drive together and save some money on fuel costs in the process. On the other hand, if you have a single person travelling with lots of products, a top-tier panel van might be best. Otherwise, a standard sedan or hatchback will do the trick.

What Will Be the Most Convenient?

In corporate set-ups, time is always of the essence. This is why we recommend opting for a car rental service that makes things as easy as possible. Choose an establishment that will be able to process your rental request digitally, without you having to go there in person, and ideally will be able to deliver the car to your office, and fetch it again upon the return of your travelling employee.

What Do Their Ts & Cs Look Like?

Always take a very close look at the rental terms and conditions, or get your travel management agent to do so on your behalf. Certain car rental providers may request that you have the car cleaned and detailed before you return it, and this is one more step in the journey process that could be avoided if you go with a rental agency that makes things a little easier.

What Budget Am I Working With?

Every business should have rental car parameters good to go so employees know what they can spend per trip, and so that all employees are treated equally and fairly in this regard. Of course, there could be a sliding scale that takes factors like distance and duration of a trip into account. It's just good to have a budget framework in place, so everyone knows what they can afford where rental cars are concerned.

There you have it. Following these guidelines will help you make a sound decision as you weigh your options regarding the best car hire service for corporate trips. Find out more about our corporate travel-planning services, and contact us directly if you want to get in touch with our team to find out more about what we do at TravelManor and how we can assist you to streamline your business journeys

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