Business Travel And Its Impact On Wellness Tourism

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Business Travel is an important sector that is often overlooked in Travel & Tourism. It makes a significant contribution to employment and global trade, spreading value across the world. According to GBTA, global business travel spend could reach $1.6 trillion by 2020 and statistics support the statement indicating a possible 6.1% increase in business travel spend in 2018. That is 5.2% more than 2017 and early forecasts suggest another 7% increase within the next two years.

In addition, wellness tourism has seen substantial growth over the last few years as a direct result of more business travelers looking for alternative ways to unwind during a business trip. Many travel companies have embraced this trend and now specialise in organising and booking health and wellness retreats for travelers.

Business Travel and Wellness

People are increasingly extending their trips, even bringing along friends and family to combine business with additional leisure or a wellness tourism experience. In some cases, travelers request time off as payment for a business trip and companies have had to adapt and be more flexible.

Many junior executives see business travel as part of their lifestyle and as a result, wants to integrate wellness into their business trip. Another contributing factor is the demanding schedules of senior executives and CEO’s. With barely a second to spare between meetings, conferences and product launches, they also need time to unwind. Secondary wellness tourism on a business trip is likely their most popular choice.

Business and pleasure may not always go together but combining with wellness could significantly increase mental and physical health. The growing concern about work-life balance has always been a major issue for business travelers across the world. Not to mention the countless studies indicating that frequent and extensive travel could lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity.

Business travelers looking for a wellness experience mostly seek healthier lifestyle choices, clean eating, stress reduction, rejuvenation, relaxation, authentic experiences, access to nature and disease prevention and management (wellness for cancer). Many travelers also demand more exotic destinations and indigenous experiences. They want to be immersed in a more unique can cultural setting as opposed to the generic luxuries.

As a direct result of increased global business travel and the high demand for wellness, more opportunities now exist within hospitality and wellness especially. Hotels and resorts are prime examples of being in the spotlight. The influx of business travelers seeking a wellness retreat means establishments are raising the bar on healthy living.

While some go the whole nine yards offering exclusive gym memberships, pool access and spa treatments, others offer yoga classes, meditation and healthy weight loss plans. Another popular choice includes a special wellness-oriented journey. It can be one of self-discovery, meditation, relaxation or something at the business traveler’s request.

Providing personalised business travel and wellness packages is a great way to improve customer loyalty and gain a foothold on wellness tourism. The continuous development of business and leisure travel adds considerable value to wellness tourism growth. Projections are poised to reach new heights far exceeding previous market expectations.

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