Business Travel Looks To Take Flight With AI-Driven Hyperpersonalisation

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Thanks to technological advancements like AI and machine learning, hyperpersonalisation can be taken to a whole new level.

Even though hyperpersonalisation has always been part of the TravelManor culture, virtually every touchpoint of our corporate travel experiences is becoming more efficient and streamlined with the advent of AI. It's increasingly more about going beyond the usual and redefining what exceptional service entails.

All About Customer Centricity

For a while now, providing customers with highly personalised travel experiences has been a priority. Modern corporate travellers expect more than hassle-free trips; they look for experiences tailored exclusively to them. Research indicates that 83% of younger travellers will allow travel brands to monitor their digital behaviour to gather data and deliver a more personalised experience.

With the integration of AI interventions, travel companies can access a wealth of data, to create travel experiences that truly align with each traveller's unique needs, preferences and behaviour. These systems can understand, learn, and reason through vast datasets, enabling them to offer value-added services and experiences that were previously not cognitively feasible.

For instance, AI and machine learning can be leveraged to learn about the habits and preferences of frequent travellers to build a recommendation algorithm that offers suggestions for add-ons to their upcoming trips. In this way, highly intelligent recommendations in terms of flights, car rentals, the room size they should opt for, the hotels, or room views that best accommodate their budget, etc., are possible.

Ultimately, travellers want personalisation, and so do businesses. The higher the personalisation, the greater the customer satisfaction and efficiency, and consequently, the more significant the cost savings from the traveller and travel company perspective. However, it is important to strike a balance between automation and preserving the human touch in the corporate travel industry. While AI and ML bring remarkable personalisation capabilities, the human element and interactions remain indispensable for delivering memorable travel experiences.

Looking ahead, AI-powered personalisation is expected to play an even more significant role in business travel experiences. This means travellers can look forward to new and innovative ways to plan, book, and enjoy their trips.

Reach out to TravelManor today, and let's elevate your corporate travel experience with nothing less than a travel programme tailored specifically for you.

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