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In 2017 communication is king, which is why when travelling for business these amazing travel apps can keep you connected to the office, allow you to chat to friends and family, and help you stay organised or even keep fit.

WhatsApp or WeChat

If long distance communication is a must, then you need to think of using either WhatsApp or WeChat. WhatsApp is probably the most well-known of the two instant communications apps, but WeChat has seen a spike in popularity over the past few years, especially in the Far East. Both apps are available for Android and iOS.

Who Should Use It? Anybody who wants to enjoy cost effective instant voice, video and text communication.

Cost: Both are free to download

Where Can I Get It?
Download WhatsApp here.
Download WeChat here.

Google Drive

Now you can access, create and share documents, images, videos, spreadsheets and so much more using the Google Drive app. This exceptionally safe and secure way of sharing information with colleagues and family is a Google product, but can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

Who Should Use It? If you need instant access to documents, spreadsheets and presentations while on a business trip then this is the app for you.

Cost: You simply need to open a Free Google account.

Where Can I Get It?
You can download Google Drive here.


Learn a new language, or have instant access to thousands of foreign phrases and words on this mobile dictionary device. This app even has a built-in “parrot” which helps you repeat the language phrases you need in a clear and understandable manner. This app is available for Android and iOS and gives instant on and offline access to languages such as Japanese, Spanish, Arabic and so many more.

Who Should Use It? International business travellers who need to communicate in multiple languages.

Cost: Bravlol is Free to Download!

Where Can I Get It?
You can download Bravlol here.


A fitness app that allows business people who travel to keep an eye on their eating habits. It also keeps track of exercise times and comes with a handy barcode scanner and international brand library which will enable you to make the right eating choices while abroad.

Who Should Use It? Health conscious business travellers.

Cost: MyFitnessPal is Free to download on both iOS and Android.

Where Can I Get It?
You can download MyFitnessPak here.


Find new restaurants serving a particular style of food, or even book and manage existing restaurant reservations in real time. You can even send invitations to suppliers and work friends direct from the OpenTable app. This app is available for both iOS and Android!

Who Should Use It? Travellers who regularly dine with clients and colleagues while on business trips.

Cost: The useful OpenTable App is Free to download!

Where Can I Get It?
You can download the OpenTable App here.

Here at TravelManor we’re committed to delivering business travel solutions that are cost-effective, fun and easy to understand. This is why we recommend using the travel apps covered on this page. If you think that there is a travel app that our clients might find useful, please let us know and we might review it here on our Business Travel Blog.

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