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For the most part, business travel can be tiring with crowded airports, planes, delays and the ever-present jetlag. Everyone has at least one bad travel experience to share but in reality, there are many more positives. On the face of it, traveling for work means experiencing different countries, cultures and customs. It’s all about finding the right balance between business and pleasure. Doing additional research and planning can go a long way in making business travel a real adventure.

Many business trips include the same airports, hotels, restaurants and repetitive routines most business travelers have come to loathe. Spare time is often a luxury we can’t afford but all you really need is a few hours and a good business travel plan.

Prior to making travel arrangements, find out more about the destination to see if there are specific points of interest. If your meeting is on a Friday or a Monday, you already have more time to enjoy tourist activities so why not use one or two leave days to extend your stay. Some savvy business travelers even take their families on business trips especially when it coincides with school holidays or long weekends. These ‘family-business’ trips can be loads of fun, and an adventure in itself, but careful planning and exceptional time management are essential to make it work.

If your time is limited though and can’t stay an extra day, do something simple. Is there a local delicacy you have to try before leaving? What about a landmark, a building or a famous piece of art? Even taking a leisurely stroll to experience the atmosphere of the town you are visiting can often lead to some amazing discoveries.

One of easiest and most exciting ways to experience your destination is changing your business travel routine. Most people don’t like change but this is guaranteed to make all the difference on your next business trip. Forget about the usual chain restaurants and dare yourself to go off the beaten track to explore the local cuisines. Find out where the locals go and you will not be disappointed.

You also don’t always have to stay at the same hotel, unless it’s compulsory of course. When possible, look for a similarly priced hotel down the road or on the outskirts of town and enjoy the uniqueness they offer. It adds another dimension to business travel without any additional cost while taking in the local culture.

In a similar way, traveling by road can also turn into an adventure. Instead of rushing home, stop along the way at local hot spots or take in the stunning scenery. If you’re an avid cyclist or runner, keep your gear close at hand and be on the lookout for biking or running trails. The outdoors, fresh air and exercise will help you refocus and feel energised after your business trip.

With a little help from the business travel experts, TravelManor can help you plan your business trip to the smallest detail. All you have to do is speak to one of our experienced consultants who would be happy to assist.

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