6 Things That Make You a Bleisure Seeker!

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Many people think that travelling for business is glamorous and a welcome change from everyday life in the office. Although for some this might ring true, the fact is many seasoned business travellers find that being away from home is both tedious and lonely. But there is now a new trend that is coming to prominence, one that is changing the face of business and family travel in equal measure, and it is called Bleisure Seeking.

What is a Bleisure Seeker?

Simply put (and as the name implies), a Bleisure Seeker is someone who looks for both business and pleasure on a business trip. It is someone who although concentrates on work, is now also able to ensure relaxation, and even family time, are an important part of said work trip. Gone are unproductive times at airports, bad sleep patterns are out of the window and stress is a thing of the past when you’re a Bleisure seeker.

Enjoy Being a Bleisure Seeker

Business can be a pleasure when travelling when you do one or more of these six things while away from home:

Eat Well

To do business well, one needs to feel good and where better to start that eating? Stay away from fast cheap foods and try something a little more wholesome. Remember that food has a BIG impact on both the body and the brain, so splash out a little and enjoy the best quality food you can afford. Trust us, your body will thank you in the long run!

Play Where You Stay

Don’t just fly into a business meeting and then fly out again once done. Factor is an extra day or two before and even after the meetings take place. Take the time to sightsee, relax or simply network. Not only does this help your body combat fatigue and stress, but it will also help to ensure that you’re sharper and more mentally prepared for even the toughest negotiations.

Use Your Downtime to Catch-up on Sleep

We’re not talking recovering from jetlag here, but increasing your “pillow time” away from a busy home and work environment. This will help you to increase concentration levels and make better decisions in meetings. It is also exceptionally good for your overall health, as according to the National Sleep Foundation most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep over a 24-hour period, and we very seldom actually get that.

There is Pleasure in Leisure

It might not be a good idea to charge it to the company, but if your hotel offers massages, yoga classes, gym facilities, a swimming pool, or even a cinema or stage show, then take the time to enjoy these amenities. Pre-book any of these whenever necessary, and be sure to enjoy every moment you’re not looking at a tablet or laptop screen or sitting in a meeting.

Become a Clock Watcher

Yes, you read that correctly! Don’t be tempted to answer emails until midnight, and do NOT spend all of your idle time working. Keep to regular “office hours” as much as possible and read a book, listen to music, or simply watch TV to ensure you give yourself some normal “me time”.

A Happy Wife (or Husband) is a Happy Life!

If possible take your spouse on a business trip with you from time to time. Use it as a mini break if you can align schedules, or alternatively get your spouse to join you after the actual work part of the trip is complete. This will not only help you save travel costs when taking a family holiday, but it will also give your “other half” the chance to see what business trips that take you away from home are all about.

Looking to Take a Bleisure Trip?

Then please don’t hesitate to contact us at TavelManor right away! Not only can we help you make the most out of your business trip, but we’ll ensure that you have an excellent Bleisure Trip in the process. We can even help book your spouse’s travel if or when necessary if they are to join you.

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