3 Things To Ask Your TMC Before You Depart

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If you’re in the process of planning your next business trip with the assistance of a travel management company, chances are you’re pretty relaxed about your upcoming journey. After all, any TMC that’s worth their salt will shoulder all the administrative burdens so you can focus on preparing for the after-arrival and pre-departure portion of your journey - the bit where you make new contacts, foster business leads and grow your company’s international footprint.

However, as a business traveller, you should check that your TMC provided you with all the information you need before you depart. Here are 3 important things to ask before you make your way to the airport to jet off on your next trip:

Does My Destination Pose Any Unique Risks?

Every country in the world has unique attractions and unique risks. Certain countries are known for having plenty of opportunistic pickpockets, while others have issues with the cleanliness of their drinking water; some may be suffering from the internal political turmoil that gives rise to protest actions, while others are known for tornadoes. Ask your TMC to provide you with information on the unique risks posed by a new destination before you depart, so you may be prepared before you touch down.

Are There Any Medical Precautions I Should Take?

Always check in with your TMC, or your personal physician, to find out which medical precautions you should take before travelling abroad. Certain countries require a yellow fever vaccine, while others may pose Malaria risk, in which case you would need to start taking medication before you leave home. Travel clinics provide these immunisations, along with the required proof that you have received it.

Is There A Response Plan For Extreme Eventualities?

No one likes to imagine the worst, e.g. closed borders due to an outbreak of illness or an unexpected terrorist attack, when they leave home. However, a seasoned TMC should be able to provide you with an individual customer crisis plan that stipulates response processes and communication channels in case of emergency. It always pays to be prepared.

Having the answers to these questions before you depart for your business trip will allow you to make sound decisions throughout your journey. Keep your eye on the blog in the coming weeks and months; we’ll be sharing more expert advice from inside the TravelManor camp right here. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with a member of our passionate corporate travel management team to find out more about our services. We look forward to streamlining your next big trip!

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