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First things first, we do realise that the COVID-19 pandemic is not quite officially over. In fact, we know all too well that iterations of the virus are likely to crop up for many years to come. However, for the sake of this article, we’ll be using the term ‘post-pandemic’ to refer to this happy (yet uncertain) time in which we find ourselves right now when business- and personal travel have become possible again.

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things in our society over the course of the past two-and-a-bit years. This includes how, when, where and why we travel. After all, while Zoom meetings are all good and well, humans still want to meet in person, because we are social by nature. Also, certain things just have to be decided, discussed and signed in person.

So, what exactly has changed in the world of business travel? Here are four trends that we’ve spotted lately that are likely to have quite a big impact in the long run:

Touchless Touchpoints

During the pandemic, when interpersonal transmission protocols were still very much in place and evident in all public spaces, travellers became used to the ease and convenience associated with touchless check-ins at airports, hotels, etc. Even though the threat has subsided, it is now very much part of the zeitgeist and forward-thinking travel- and accommodation providers will continue to offer these options.

Whole-Person Wellness

Another aspect of our daily lives that got a lot of attention during the various phases of lockdown, was physical and emotional wellness. Many people started, and continue to maintain, exercise regimes and mindfulness practise. As such, accommodation providers that provide access to physical fitness spaces, green areas and innovative wellness technologies will likely see increased support.

Authentic Encounters

The pandemic brought many people closer to their roots, and also fostered new hobbies and interests. As such, travellers are now often seeking out authentic experiences, rather than ‘touristy’ encounters. Activity providers who bear this in mind when they offer options to work-cation travellers will definitely yield amazing benefits.

Getting Serious About Sustainability

Our concern for the health of the planet has increased along with our concern for our own health, and those of our nearest and dearest. This is why accommodation providers that offer green initiatives, or even a fully carbon-neutral stay, are ranking highly among eco-conscious business travellers.

Now you know! If you would like to take advantage of corporate travel-planning services that combine the insights of seasoned planners who keep a close eye on developing trends, make a point to contact us to find out more about what we do at TravelManor and how it can benefit your business in the post-pandemic space.

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